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A multi-stakeholder coalition dedicated to ensuring all individuals of childbearing age and their partners have access to expanded carrier screening.

AECS’ mission is to promote and enhance access to, and the availability of expanded carrier screening (ECS) by building relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders, including patient groups; facilitating information sharing about expanded carrier screening; and collaborating with payers to ensure coverage of ECS.

Be Informed

What is Expanded Carrier Screening?

We are on a mission to ensure patients have the information to make the right decisions for them and their families.

Take Action

How to make ECS the standard of care

Your leadership and voice is critical in ensuring our patients have access to equitable and actionable carrier screening.  Learn how you can collaborate with us in our mission to provide families with the best information to make life decisions.

Learn how you can help make ECS accessible

Keep up to date and find ways to help