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Increase access to equitable carrier screening

Expanded carrier screening (ECS) is an innovative screening strategy that can screen for multiple serious genetic disorders in any person, regardless of their reported racial/ethnic background.

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Why Equitable Carrier Screening Matters

Learn how expanded carrier screening panels create equity in preconception and prenatal care and helps individuals and providers plan for current and future pregnancies

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Why Equitable Carrier Screening is Essential

The American population is becoming increasingly diverse, rendering self-reported ethnicity/race an unreliable measure of the risk of carrier status for many conditions. Expanded carrier screening identifies more affected pregnancies that are likely to be missed with just ethnicity-based screening, the current prenatal screening standard.

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Our Mission

AECS’ mission is to promote and enhance access to, and the availability of expanded carrier screening (ECS) by building relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders, including patient groups; facilitating information sharing about expanded carrier screening; and collaborating with payers to ensure coverage of ECS.

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